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Every dollar counts! We greatly appreciate any contributions and thank you in advance for thinking of us. Click here to make a donation or set up reoccurring donations.


We all play an important role in preventing child abuse. Whether its in your neighborhood (ask us how), or assisting CAPC staff with children or administrative duties, or joining our community outreach team to help with our exciting fund raising events – we have something for you to do!

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We would like to thank the Child Abuse Prevention Council Auxiliary for their 34 years of service to The Child Abuse Prevention Council’s mission of protecting children and strengthening families.  But sadly, the time has come to close this chapter of volunteer work as an auxiliary.  We are immeasurably grateful to our many auxiliary volunteers who volunteered in many different capacities.  Each of you gave of your resources unselfishly, with no expectation of recognition or favor.   You dedicated your most precious commodity to the children of our community – time!  And for this we are deeply grateful. 

But, our work is not done! 

We forge ahead with our mission to strengthen families and protect children, but with a different strategy and approach.   There are many ways to continue to serve the children and families of our community through the CAPC.  Consider: 

Come and Rock a baby!  Our staff would welcome another set of loving arms to help with our little ones. 

Adopt a Classroom!  Don’t have time to spend in the classroom?  Consider adopting-a-class by collecting and donating preschool classroom materials and supplies.   

Schedule a Diaper and Wipe Drive!  Boy, do we need lots of those! 

More Interested in Teens? Consider volunteering for our Transitional Age Youth TAY DAY annual event.  A day centered around the game of LIFE where youth get to learn how to navigate their way into adulthood. Or maybe volunteers for our annual Walk 4 Life Program presented by our Suicide Prevention staff. 

Fundraisers – Are you great at events? Come join one of our event committees or volunteer to support the CASA Super-Hero Run or the Ducky Derby. 

More the Paperwork type?  We got you – Our community outreach program is always looking for assistance with stuffing envelopes, sorting or delivering flyers. 

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) Looking to become a CASA or learn more about it? We are recruiting and training volunteers. Click here for more information. 

For more information on volunteer opportunities, please contact Shauna Buzunis-Jacob at 209-644-5318 The CAPC will continue to champion the cause of reducing child abuse in our community by promoting awareness and fundraising efforts that support the children and families of our community. 

We thank you for your continued support! 

Leave A Legacy

The Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) has a long and rich history in our community of protecting children, strengthening families, and giving hope to those seeking to break the sometimes generational bonds of physical, verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse. For more than 37 years, the CAPC has been a place where parents have learned to be better parents, children have found healing from the wounds of abuse and neglect, and where families have been shown how to improve their quality of life.

Reflecting on CAPC’s rich heritage is our reason for contacting you today. As we continue our quest to protect children and build strong families, we are acutely aware that our continued success depends on long-term planning for our future.

For this reason the CAPC has established the “It’s about the Kids Endowment.” If you would like to give to the endowment or should you have any questions, contact Shauna Buzunis-Jacob who can be reached at (209) 644-5318 or


by San Joaquin Magazine

Lindy Turner-Hardin has always rooted for the underdog. She firmly believes in advocating for individuals that do not have the ability or resources to do so themselves. That mentality, along with supportive mentors, led her to her current position as executive director of the CAPC. “I love looking back at my life and seeing how my steps have been very clearly ordered, whether I knew it in the moment or not,” says the fourth generation South-African native who immigrated to America at age 15.

For example, Lindy admits she never had plans to settle in Stockton but chose the Central Valley because her sister had landed here. In an effort to take a break from her hectic career, Lindy came for a temporary stay. Fate, however, works in mysterious ways. “Things change and you try new things and all of a sudden your life is completely different,” she muses. A position with the Human Services Agency helped keep Lindy around. There she was introduced to the world of child welfare, and while on the Mary Graham Children’s Shelter project, discovered just how deep her love of the underdog ran.

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