The Child Abuse Prevention Council protects children and strengthens families
through awareness and outcome driven programs delivered with compassion.


Early Childhood Education

Center-based childcare for families in need or at risk of child abuse or neglect.

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Family Strengthening Services

Multi-faced programs targeting families at-risk of abuse and domestic violence.

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Clinical Services

Cras Aenean Inceptos

Clinical services for children, teens and families from 0-18 years old who have full scope medi-cal.

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Awareness and Education

Creating awareness and education with resources and helpful tips.

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Immediate Resources

Looking for help? Contact the advice line below or the CAPC during regular business hours.

24 Hour Advice Line

Advice Line (209) 464-4524
Need parenting advice? Question on child abuse or prevention? Referrals to community resources? Advice line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The only way to make all this happen is to take action.