Early Childhood Education

Looking for Childcare?

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Crisis/Respite Childcare - Short Term Childcare

Center-based crisis/respite childcare for families at risk of child abuse or neglect. Immediate child care services available in Stockton for families in need of childcare assistance to facilitate participation in and access to other resources (counseling, court appearances, classes, etc.). Short term child care services are also available at the Family Justice Center & the Superior Court for families accessing services at those locations.

Head Start/Early Head Start

Part-day, full day, center based programs for children 0-5 are available throughout San Joaquin County. Home Based programs for pregnant women and children 0-3 years old available throughout San Joaquin County.

Preschool/Child Care

State subsidized child care for children 0-5 years old are offered in locations throughout San Joaquin County.

Youth Behavioral Plans

Provide services to at-risk children ages 0-5 years old and their families, resulting in improved behaviors, parenting techniques and decreased need for intervention. Services provided to all students enrolled in a CAPC classroom.

Contact: Kim Ballard, (209) 644-5379, kballard@nochildabuse.org