I have been involved with the Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) since June 1978. When I started, I knew very little about child abuse. I was involved with the San Joaquin Medical Alliance, which wanted to take on the problem of child abuse as a result of the death of 3-year- old Latanya Smith.

I served on the CAPC board from 1980-1991 & served a term as President. During that time, I was involved with multiple fundraisers, my favorite events were The Santa House and Annual Fashion Show. Not only were these events raising money to help financially support the council’s work but maybe even more important, it was helping to make the public aware of the problem of child abuse and what could be done to help prevent it. As the agency grew, I was instrumental in the development of the CAPC Auxiliary. An amazing group of like-minded community members lending their fundraising talent to the CAPC to assure the important work the Council was doing would be continued. I was active in the auxiliary from 1984 until it disbanded in 2019.

My early vision of the CAPC has evolved greatly. I don’t think I ever imagined how large it could or would become. I feel good and bad about that – I would love there not to be a ‘need’ for such an organization, but I am so happy to have been a part of what the CAPC does to protect children and support families right here in our community.

How do we eliminate child abuse? WOW – what a question! Once upon a time, driver’s education and health were not taught in high school. Now those classes are mandatory for students. I look forward to the day when the situation of domestic violence and child abuse are also mandatory for high school. We have to take a test to qualify to drive a car but there is no test to qualify us to be parents – probably the most important job in this world. Education is a key to stopping child abuse.

No child or animal should ever be hurt. I see it as the responsibility of the caretakers to love, protect, guide, and cherish those too young or vulnerable to take care of themselves. My volunteering years are now over but I can continue to support the CAPC financially. Large donations are critical but no one should underestimate the value of even $10.00 a month. $10.00 a month for a year time only 300 people is $36,000 a year. Yes, every little bit does make a difference SO CAN YOU please click the donate button below and make it monthly!